What's That Smell? 6am! "Time Manipulation, America:For the People or For the Money?

As I so often remind myself and others, Greed afflicts all of us. And yet, there is also compassion and humility. 

It's a Balancing Act that is out of Balance! 

I had a minor revelation about, "What's That Smell? 6am!" and why I do this, why I subject myself to potential backlash, being humiliated, contradicted or worse... As you might have noticed, I do my best to walk a fine line. I try to avoid name calling, I avoid 'labels' as best I can. I try to refrain from being overopinionated. And I really want to show the Fun side and Beauty of Our World! 

What I try to do is to Educate, Inform, Question and Converse! I want to Encourage Positivity, and Health I am 'All In' for Equality and a Level Playing Field! I want to explain and point out attempts to Divide and Conquer US, encouraging UNITY. Regardless of Political Affiliation, We are first Citizen's of the United States of America! well most of you are! Anywho... 

Last week I spoke about the last 40 years of Bull Crap. And I incorrectly stated that in the last 20 years it has gotten worse. It was actually within the last 10 years and due to the negative affects of a group called 'Citizens United'! It's not actually a group of Citizens, that's Bull Shit number one! I'll post one link after the show, just one, because it's a rabbit hole. It's frustrating and it has Totally Fucked Up our democracy. It's given The Wealthy More Power than Ever! And Most of Us Don't even Know it Exists and Many of Us Don't Care. That's how Easy it is to pull the Wool Over America's Eyes! 

And you know what?... That doesn't even account for all the False BS that comes from Outside of America! You know from Russia, China, the Middle East... it's well documented but swept under the rug! It only gets attention when it's SENSATIONAL! 

Educate, Inform, Question and Converse! 

I think it's about time for People to decide if Corporations are People, Don't You? Time for People to Vote on this issue. Simply put, if Corporations are people, the math implies that People are Corporations? How does that Work? 

So here we are fighting over Left, Right, the Rights of this group and that group, Climate Issues, Social Issues, Masks, even the Constitution.. The Constitution, don't get me started about the BASTARDIZATION of the Constitution! There are some very Smart People doing Very Evil things with the words of the Constitution, a document drawn up and debated by many very Smart People, although all white men! But those were the times and they were very thoughtful about how the Constitution was written. And again, Today, some Very Smart People are manipulationg very STUPID People to believe 'alternate wording and meanings' of the Constitution of the United States of America. What a Shame! What a SCAM! 

You might be familiar with some of these People. They make Tons of Money on YouTube, Websites, Forums, and all other Social Media sites and you know why! Because the Algorithms direct you there! 
Because the Algorithms make money for the Social Media Company! 

They are Wolves in Sheeps Clothing and We are the Sheep! 

The Interconnectedness of All Things! You know it! This is not New in the Course of Human History. It's just another episode, another iteration of Dante's Inferno, people clutching and grabbing trying to reach the top and at some point, it will all come crumbling down!

We the people need to BALANCE the system. We the people need to contain the Greed. And don't get me wrong, I'm all for Capitalism! It's about Balance! Nobody choses the lopsided doughnut, or the lopsided Pizza! Choose Balance! We the People need to vote, not just every 4th year! We the people need to overturn and/or legislate to negate Citizens United! https://www.google.com/aclk?


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